Anti-Bribery Policy

Who we are

MetaGravity Group Limited (“MetaGravity”) is a limited company based in London, United Kingdom. We are responsible for the websites and and their subdomains.

MetaGravity Limited, MetaGravity Studios Limited and MetaGravity Solutions Limited are all limited companies based on London, United Kingdom and are wholly owned subsidiaries of MetaGravity Group Limited.

Anti-Bribery Policy

MetaGravity is committed to conducting all business activities with the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including the UK Bribery Act 2010.

We will not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form, and we will take all necessary steps to prevent, detect and address any such activities by our employees, agents, suppliers or any other third parties with whom we engage.

Our anti-bribery policy applies to all MetaGravity employees, directors, officers, agents, contractors, consultants, suppliers, distributors, and anyone acting on our behalf. It applies to all business activities, including interactions with customers, suppliers, government officials, and any other third parties.

We are committed to:

  1. Conducting all business activities with honesty and integrity, and avoiding any conduct that could be perceived as bribery or corruption.
  2. Prohibiting the offering, giving, solicitation, or acceptance of any bribe, whether directly or indirectly, in any form, to or from any person or entity, including government officials.
  3. Maintaining accurate and transparent accounting records and internal controls to prevent bribery and corruption.
  4. Ensuring that all employees and third parties with whom we engage are aware of our anti-bribery policy and their obligations under it.
  5. Encouraging employees to report any suspected or actual incidents of bribery or corruption without fear of retaliation, and promptly investigating and addressing any such reports.
  6. Taking appropriate disciplinary action against any employee or third party who violates our anti-bribery policy.
  7. Regularly reviewing and updating our anti-bribery policy to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

As part of our commitment to anti-bribery and corruption, MetaGravity has appointed Tobin Ireland, Chief Business Officer to oversee compliance with this policy and to receive reports of suspected or actual incidents of bribery or corruption.

We expect all employees and third parties with whom we engage to cooperate fully with MetaGravity in its efforts to prevent and detect bribery and corruption, and to comply with our anti-bribery policy and all applicable laws and regulations.

MetaGravity is committed to conducting its business activities with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We believe that these standards are essential to building and maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

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