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Embrace the Power of HyperScale

MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine: The New Standard for Supermassive Game Development.

Beyond Shards and Instances

Traditional architecture solutions are not built to meet the compute requirements of modern gaming

The growing demands of large gaming experiences like MMORPGs, digital twins and virtual events, and highlight the limitations of traditional architectures such as zoning, instancing and spatial partioning. They struggle to manage thousands of concurrent users while maintaining responsiveness and immersion, especially in the face of complex AI NPCs, user-generated content, and ever-increasing player counts.

This rigidity stifles creativity and hinders the development of truly boundless, immersive experiences. A new approach is needed to unlock the full potential of the virtual world.

Why it matters

As an example, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) demand effective methods to handle massive player concurrency while maintaining responsiveness.

Game developers have effectively been designing games around infrastructure limitations for years. Established approaches like zoning, sharing, waiting rooms masked the challenge to give players a facsimile of scale. Spatial partitioning attempts tried to bring scale to single shard experiences. None of these techniques provide the required solution for the future of hyperscale games.

Limitations of current architecture solutions



Spatial Partitioning /  Server Meshing

Our solution

Enter The MetaGravity HyperScale Engine

The New Standard for Supermassive Game Development

MetaGravity HyperScale  Engine underpinned by our Causal Partitioning™ technology. This novel approach redefines how multiplayer games and interactive virtual worlds are developed, forging a paradigm shift in player concurrency, cost efficiency and integration with today's game development stack for new and existing games.

Harnessing the Power of Causality

In stark contrast to the traditional Euclidean coordinate-based spatial partitioning, MetaGravity HyperScale Engine's Causal Partitioning ™ technology takes a radically different approach by parallelising the virtual world simulation based on the causal relationships between objects. Instead of location, Causal Partitioning ™ focuses on the causal relationships between objects. This means objects are grouped based on how they interact and influence each other, creating dynamic partitions that adapt to real-time events. This gives Metagravity's HyperScale Engine the edge for building digital worlds that have never been possible.

HyperScale Goes Beyond Simple Scale using Total Compute Budget

Unlike simple measures like “number of total concurrent users”, MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine has built optimisation by considering key factors impacting all computational needs in a game. The resulting function is called Total Compute Budget.

This approach acknowledges that an immersive supermassive gaming experience depends not just on the number of concurrent users, but also on several crucial factors:

Visual Fidelity
The richness and detail seen in graphics, lighting, and animation.
Object Density
The number of objects and characters populating an area, impacting rendering and simulation demands.
Physics Complexity
The level of interactivity and physics simulations present, such as realistic movement, collisions, and destruction.
Concurrent Users and AI
The number of users interacting within the virtual world simultaneously.

HyperScale Engine dynamically scales and manages resources based on this equation:

Total Compute Budget
Visual Fidelity
Object Density
Physics Complexity
Concurrent Users AND AI

This equation highlights the interdependence of these factors. Using Compute Budget, HyperScale helps developers optimise this equation such as increase density while maintaining fidelity by lowering physics complexity, or support more users with simpler graphics.

With HyperScale, developers gain a more nuanced understanding of their project's needs and can make informed decisions to balance performance and scale effectively.


HyperScale Engine Breaks Through the Limitations of Game Design

Unlimited Concurrency in a Single Persistent World

By decoupling processing from physical location, MetaGravity HyperScale Engine's Causal Partitioning™ technology eliminates the synchronisation bottlenecks inherent in other networking distribution architectures such as spatial partitioning. This opens the door to supporting significantly larger player populations, in the order of millions, within a single persistent virtual world.

Increased reliability
The distributed nature of the HyperScale server architecture removes reliance on centralised synchronisation points, creating a highly resilient system less susceptible to single points of failure. This translates to a more stable and reliable experience for players in the face of server disruptions.
Reduced latency
HyperScale Engine creates efficiencies through a decentralised architecture and transparently distributes a virtual world simulation across geographic locations, providing supermassive scale while preserving latency-sensitive ping times through edge nodes.


HyperScale Engine's novel use of Causal Partitioning ™ technology focuses on processing only the objects and interactions relevant to each player, leading to increased processing efficiency compared to approaches that simulate the entire world for everyone. This translates to lower operational costs and electricity usage.

99% server cost reduction
By eliminating the need for centralised synchronisation and enabling efficient parallel processing on distributed servers, HyperScale can significantly reduce infrastructure costs. Imagine handling >10,000 players on a $700 server compared to 80 players on $780 machines – that's a 125x cost reduction compared to incumbent solutions, translating to about $1 per user per month.
Fully managed networking
MetaGravity provides a fully managed infrastructure solution that automates and streamlines game networking saving you time and resources. We focus on the networking, you can focus on your game.

Ease of Use

The MetaGravity HyperScale Engine integrates seamlessly with existing and future game development tools, regardless of the game engine or cloud platform used. This eliminates the need for extensive code rewrites and allows developers to leverage familiar tools and workflows, significantly accelerating the development process.

For the first time ever, it is now possible to port over a game you have already built onto a supermassive networking infrastructure with HyperScale.

Develop in your favourite game engine including Unity & Unreal
HyperScale empowers you to leverage your existing expertise in leading game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity. Pre-built templates and with these engines' structures ensure a smooth workflow. You can seamlessly integrate HyperScale's functionalities into your existing development process, regardless of whether you use Unreal's Blueprints or Unity's C#, eliminating the need for platform-specific adaptations or extensive code modifications.
Port Existing Games
Unlike existing solutions, Causal Partitioning™ allows the porting of already-developed games without major modifications, opening doors for retrofitting existing titles with the benefits of massive scalability and cost optimisation. This removes a significant barrier for studios hesitant to adopt new technologies due to the cost of rebuilding existing games.
Cloud Agnostic Deployment
Deploy your games seamlessly across any cloud provider or environment, including private clouds, VLANs, on-premise data centers, or even leverage peak capacity cloud offload for dynamic scaling. This flexibility empowers you to choose the infrastructure that best suits your specific needs and cost considerations.
Open Ecosystem Integration
HyperScale integrates seamlessly with any third-party solutions, fostering an open ecosystem. Whether you're using advanced avatar systems or intricate environmental simulations, AI platforms or innovative blockchain technologies for in-game economies, HyperScale empowers you to leverage the full potential of the open metaverse.

Build worlds beyond limits with MetaGravity HyperScale Engine

High Performance
Handle massive player concurrency with smooth and responsive gameplay.
Automatic Load Balancing
Dynamically distribute processing load across the server network for optimal performance.
Minimal Code Changes
Integrates seamlessly with your existing game engine and tools, requiring minimal code modifications.
Cloud Agnostic
Operates on any cloud platform, offering flexibility and scalability.
Game Engine Agnostic
Works seamlessly with popular game engines, enhancing development speed.
Transparent to Game Logic
Game developers focus on core gameplay mechanics, without needing to deal with low-level synchronisation complexities.
High Availability
Ensure uninterrupted gameplay experiences with a highly resilient system.
Fully Managed
Focus on game development while Metagravity takes care of server infrastructure and maintenance.
Embrace the Power of HyperScale

HyperScale Awaits

MetaGravity empowers you to create supermassive worlds with unmatched performance, reliability, and ease of integration.