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Worlds Reimagined

Building Beyond Limits with MetaGravity

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Game Studios

Your game your way
Unleash supermassive worlds
Craft boundless universes with millions of players, seamlessly interacting and exploring without borders. Build entire galaxies, sprawling continents, and cross-dimensional worlds - all powered by HyperScale.
Unprecedented freedom
Design complex worlds without limitation. Forget server restrictions and instance duplication. Experiment with dynamic ecosystems, intricate social systems, sophisticated AI NPCs, and ever-evolving narratives.
Rapid development, reduced risk
Focus on creativity, not infrastructure. Streamline development with MetaGravity's cloud-agnostic and game engine-agnostic architecture. Reduce costs, minimise development timelines, and maximise profitability potential.
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Gaming Hubs

Boundless spaces
Supermassive Social Spaces
Host millions in persistent digital worlds, an entry point to individual games, powered by supermassive scale and lag-free interaction. Imagine town squares without instance duplication, thriving with seamless social experiences.
Scalable Arenas
Facilitate esports, skill-based contests, and community-driven challenges within the community. Futuristic stadiums packed with millions experiencing real-time entertainment and competition.
Immersive Learning Labs
Build collaborative learning environments with dynamic simulations and supermassive user capacity. Imagine history coming alive with millions exploring and interacting in real-time.
Boundless Entertainment Venues
Showcase virtual concerts, art exhibitions, and performances for millions simultaneously. Picture holographic experiences with unbounded capacity and reduced infrastructure costs.
Dedicated Community Hubs
Foster deeper connections within game or genre-specific hubs. Imagine millions collaborating on projects, powered by supermassive scalability and seamless interaction.
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User Generated Content (UGC) Platforms

Empower your players
Co-create Boundless Worlds
Empower millions to co-create vast, persistent worlds, exceeding limitations of traditional voxel engines. Imagine infinite terrain sculpted by millions, crafting epic landscapes and structures together.
Community-Driven Mechanics
Introduce custom game mechanics through user-generated mods, shaping gameplay for millions. Picture unique challenges, interactive experiences, and ever-evolving worlds driven by player ingenuity.
Boundless Storytelling
Craft collaborative narratives and quests experienced by millions simultaneously. Imagine dynamic storylines unfolding as players contribute, shaping the world's future together.
Persistent Adventures
Explore, build, and interact across a single, unified world, accessible to millions anytime. Picture adventures spanning vast landscapes, seamlessly connecting millions without server limitations.
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Worlds Built for Web3

True ownership
Player-owned economies
Implement decentralized economies powered by NFTs and cryptocurrencies, giving players true ownership of in-game assets and fostering vibrant trade ecosystems. Imagine players buying, selling, and trading unique items, land parcels, and even governance tokens, driving the economic evolution of your game world.
Community-driven narratives
Empower players to actively shape the world they inhabit through collaborative quests, events, and even world-building initiatives. Imagine players taking ownership of their experience, influencing the game's story, and creating lasting memories together.
Interoperable adventures
Design games that seamlessly connect to other Web3 ecosystems, allowing players to freely move avatars and assets between different virtual worlds. Imagine players embarking on adventures that span multiple universes, carrying their achievements and identities with them on their grand journey.
NFT-driven experiences
Design unique quests, events, and collectibles tied to NFTs, offering players valuable and ownable in-game experiences.
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Digital Twins & Simulations

Immersive experiences
Hyper-realistic simulations
Construct hyper-realistic replicas of real-world environments, accessible to millions for training, collaboration, and analysis. Experience city replicas with dynamic weather, realistic crowds, and intelligent virtual citizens.
Collaborative learning
Facilitate immersive training experiences within digital twins. Train surgeons in virtual hospitals, pilots in realistic flight simulations, and soldiers in dynamic combat scenarios, all within a safe and supermassively scalable environment.
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Enterprise Applications

New digital worlds in the world of business
Complex system modelling and simulation
Build and experiment with intricate simulations of real-world systems, from weather patterns and industrial processes to economic models and social interactions. Gain deeper insights, optimize decision-making, and mitigate risks across various industries.
Interoperable and accessible to all
Design diverse, interoperable environments accessible to everyone at the same time from all corners of the universe. Imagine crafting worlds with unmatched realism and interactivity, where anything is possible.
Virtual Showrooms and interactive shopping experiences
Design and showcase products, environments, or experiences in a highly immersive and interactive manner. Gather valuable user feedback, refine concepts, and accelerate product development cycles through virtual prototyping and demonstrations.
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Massive Virtual Events for culture and sport

Events unlike any other
Host events unlike any other
Scale your gatherings to millions without sacrificing performance or immersion. Create hyper-realistic experiences with real-time interaction, eliminating geographic barriers and bringing entire communities together.
Immersive virtual gatherings
Host concerts, conferences, and events for millions, fostering real-time interaction regardless of location. Imagine hosting and attending a concert with millions of fans, all experiencing the same electrifying atmosphere in real-time.
Dynamic, personalized engagements
Craft events that adapt to your audience in real-time. Utilize AI-powered tools to personalize content, recommend activities, and facilitate meaningful connections between millions of attendees.
Reduce development burden
Simplify event planning and execution. Build your dream event with Metagravity and focus on content creation and attendee engagement while Metagravity handles the networking issues.

MetaGravity unlocks the potential of supermassive gaming for both creators and players.

Our revolutionary technology eliminates server limitations, streamlines development workflows, and reduces costs, empowering creators to build the next generation of multiplayer experiences, virtual events, metaverse worlds and digital twins.

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