Say Hello To the Future of HyperScale Games

Build never before-seen-worlds of supermassive scale with MetaGravity's HyperScale Engine.

Real games, high fidelity, high density, complex physics, persistent interactive objects and unprecedented human and AI concurrent player scale.

Metagravity's Hyperscale Engine integrates with

Beyond Shards and Instances

Hyperscale - the future of game development

Achieve unbounded simulation scale and unleash your creativity.

Traditional game infrastructure technologies are insufficient for the needs of modern multiplayer games. They lack the ability to handle the complex AI elements, ever-growing user-generated content, and near-unlimited player counts that are defining the future of gaming. These limitations restrict creative freedom and hinders the development of truly immersive, large-scale experiences.

MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine has solved this problem. Existing and new games can now scale to millions of concurrent users, AI and digital objects with ease and simplicity. This unlocks unprecedented creative possibilities, allowing for the development of truly boundless virtual worlds.

No more stitching together fragmented worlds.

No more battling server bottlenecks.

No more technical dead-ends.

Say hello to the future of hyperscale games with MetaGravity.


Build game experiences without limitations with HyperScale Engine

Build bigger

100x simulation scale

The future of gaming demands immense computational power to render complex AI, procedurally generated landscapes, and ever-expanding user-created content. Total compute budget is a function of fidelity, density, physics complexity and concurrent player scale. MetaGravity's HyperScale Engine shatters these limitations, offering a staggering 100x increase in simulation total scale.
Build cheaper

100x Cheaper Than Current Solutions

Previous attempts to increase  concurrent scale has been prohibitively expensive. With our revolutionary Causal Partitioning ™ technology you can now reduce server costs and electricity usage by up to 99%. Eliminate complex sharding, instancing, and redundant server communication. Run massive multiplayer games on a fraction of the server architecture, reducing both development and ongoing running costs.
Build Easier

integrates with existing games & Technologies

MetaGravity empowers you to build and iterate quickly, regardless of your starting point. Our seamless integration with existing game engines (including Unreal and Unity) and any cloud or on premise infrastructure reduces development complexity. For the first time ever, an existing game can be ported over onto massive multiplayer networking without having to rebuild your game from scratch.
Build anything

Creativity unleashed

Build the games that you have always dreamt of without considerations of technical infrastructure limitations. And the games you haven't dreamt of yet. Create new games and experiences that will be more immersive, complex and expansive to deliver amazing player experiences and attract new audiences and demand.

Build your game with us

Integrate our expertise, accelerate your project, retain creative control.
Full Design & Bespoke Build
Concept to launch, crafted with our expert team.
Enterprise Integrations
Expand your game into new worlds, scale your user base and reduce server costs. We are here to help.
Bespoke Engine Integrations
Integrate with any bespoke game engine.
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Build supermassive games with HyperScale Engine SDK for Unreal and Unity


MetaGravity has solved the problem that everyone thought was impossible

“Partnering with Metagravity was a turning point for our ambitious MMO game. Their technology, particularly the impressive causal partioning scaling capabilities, let us realise our vision for a massive and immersive world without compromise. Beyond the platform, their team played a critical role. Their expertise and constant support streamlined development, mitigated risk, and helped us navigate how to build supermassive gameplay of this scale. They're a true partner invested in our success. Thanks to Metagravity, we're building a never before seen game with exceptional performance.”
Michael Wagner
Co-founder & CEO at Star Atlas
Supermassive multiplayer gaming beyond limits

Unleash your creativity

Build never-before-seen worlds of supermassive scale with MetaGravity's HyperScale Engine.

Real games. Real physics. Real scale.

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