Wilder World

Creating 10,000 CCUs in a Single Shard

Wilder World

Executive Summary

MetaGravi collaboration with Wilder World demonstrates the immense potential of integrating the MetaGravity HyperScale Engine with their game in order to supercharge their multiplayer experience.

This case study goes into detail about how our cutting-edge technology not only helped Wilder World achieve a significant reduction in their cloud computing expenses, but also enabled them to create a digital reality with up to 10,000 concurrent users (CCUs) in a single shard.

The Challenge

Wilder World promises to become a supermassive multiplayer online game powered by a decentralised economy. 

By harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as real-time photorealism, virtual reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence - they aim to provide an unmatched multiplayer experience on a scale never seen before in the gaming industry.

Yet with current architecture solutions, they are restricted to a small number of gamers playing together at the same time, which has posed limitations to their aspirations. It significantly impedes the creation of an authentic immersive environment in a vast and expansive world.

Wilder World’s ultimate goal is to create a resilient and first class setting that can cater to a diverse range of players, by offering various game modes such as open-world exploration and multiplayer car racing events.

Their mission matches perfectly with ours as we’re building the fabric for digital reality at a supermassive scale through the MetaGravity HyperScale Engine and are looking to work with gaming projects who are on the cusp of gaming innovation. A true symbiotic partnership!

The Partnership

In August 2023,  we signed the contracts and our collaboration with Wilder World was established with the sole purpose of integrating the MetaGravity HyperScale Engine with their game to enable 10,000 concurrent users (CCUs) within a fully functional playable version of the platform. This would allow users to experience and interact with the stadium environment during exciting multiplayer racing events.

Solutions and Implementation

Target = 10,000 CCUs

Initially, an internal team was formed to kick-off  the project and conduct a discovery phase for integrating the MetaGravity Engine with Wilder World. We worked closely together in a gathering phase to understand the project requirements and set important milestones.

Afterwards, we began integrating our technology and creating a sandbox environment. This included making a technical showreel in Wilder World, where we tested the integration with 5,000-10,000 players using networked bots.

We diligently conducted a series of tests and optimisations in the form of a playable demo. Our demo showcased 10,000 players engaging in racing events within a stadium environment to realise the vision of Wilder World.

Interoperability and Cost Reduction

Our solution is compatible with any cloud provider, whether it be Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or others. Once integrated, we take charge of powering the entire game from a cloud computing perspective.

This process is conveniently accessible through the MetaGravity HyperScale Engine, which offers our customers a unified interface to monitor their bandwidth usage and cost savings. It also provides actionable controls to manage the size of their game simulation. 

And thanks to the exceptional efficiency of the MetaGravity HyperScale Engine, Wilder World experienced a substantial reduction in their cloud computing expenses compared to using other market solutions.

This sets us apart in the market and also delivers immediate and significant cost savings for Wilder World.

Game Engine Optimisation

Wilder World integrated the MetaGravity HyperScale within Unreal Engine 5, which is the game engine they use to build their game.

This integration allowed us to focus on optimising the network routing of in-game information, ensuring that player interactions are synchronised and the world state is preserved on a large scale.

By optimising the syncing of in-game assets, character movements and multiplayer racing, we contributed to the scalability and long-term sustainability of their game, specifically in supermassive multiplayer game simulations.


Our ongoing partnership has already brought some impressive results:

Tested 10,000 CCUs

We have successfully completed the first milestone of our collaboration with Wilder World by conducting a thorough test with 10,000 CCUs. This involved testing 10,000 players using networked bots in an environment provided by Wilder World. Additionally, we were able to deliver an internal playable platform demo with live players and networked AI agents.

Our next objective is to achieve 15,000 CCUs during the enhanced public demo environment, which will be synchronised with the kick-off of the F1 season.

Reduced Development Costs

By implementing effective optimisation strategies, we successfully reduced the expenses linked to server architecture development, maintenance, and operation. 

As a result, Wilder World can now allocate a larger portion of its resources towards fostering their creativity in areas like design and engineering.

Faster Development Cycle

Our integration facilitated Wilder World in achieving faster development by reducing the time spent on scaling the game's infrastructure. This allowed them to prioritise game design and deliver a high-end multiplayer experience.


Our partnership showcases the powerful combination of technology and creativity in pushing the limits of the industry. By working together, we not only overcame challenges but also paved the way for groundbreaking advancements in Wilder World’s game development.

This in-depth analysis serves as a guide for fostering successful collaborations between game companies and technology providers, emphasising the immense potential for innovation through joint efforts.


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