Customizable avatar technology at scale


Executive Summary

Maians new avatar and identity system enables seamless scaling in MetaGravity projects. Offering real-time interactions for thousands of avatars, infused with AI and web3 features, Maians are a next-generation avatar solution for gaming, metaverse and large online events.

The Challenge

The challenge was to showcase next generation, customizable avatar technology at scale and demonstrate interactions between players, with no degradation in performance. This aimed to demonstrate Maians in an interactive, large-scale social space, ideal for gaming and massive online hubs including their embedded identity and AI features.

The Partnership

Solutions and Implementation


Testing 40,000 Human and Networked AI Players (CCUs)

The primary focus of the project was on seamlessly integrating assets into MetaGravity's gaming hub in February 2024. This crucial step laid the foundation for a robust and immersive user experience.Following this integration, we are progressing with an  intensive phase of stress testing with the deployment of over 20,000 concurrent users (CCUs) . These tests allowed developers to assess system performance under extreme conditions, ensuring scalability and stability.

Reduced Development costs
Through a rapid integration with a pre-existing networked gaming hub, the Maians team were able to reallocate resources to other areas of development. This enabled them to focus on player customizations, including expanding the inventory of clothing, styles, and morphologies and integration of advanced KYC and AI features.

A Scale Ready Avatar System in Record Time

By swiftly integrating with MetaGravity's established networked gaming hub, Maians were able to build faster, spending less time on scaling the game's infrastructure and enabling them to concentrate on other core features such as avatar customizations and their identity and AI integrations.This collaboration enhanced efficiency and reduced the time needed to implement the scale-ready avatar system and custom development capabilities, helping Maians to reach production-ready capability in a vastly reduced time.


Through HyperScale’s ready made scalable gaming hub integration to existing games engines and web 3 technologies, Maians can now scale their customised avatar systems in a production ready environment.


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