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At MetaGravity, we're not just building games; we're building the foundation for the next phase of human evolution. Our purpose: exponentiate civilisation's efficiency by catalysing our shift from a matter-based to an energy-based civilisation. Through cutting-edge technology and a globally-connected team, we're weaving the fabric of digital reality, underpinning the next 3D internet and shaping the future of value creation. We envision a future where the internet transcends screens, becoming a seamless, three-dimensional tapestry of value and interaction.

We are scaling very rapidly. Even if we don't have an open position listed we want to hear from you if you are exceptional. Email us at


Work with the best, for the best

Cutting-edge partners
Collaborate with industry leaders and pioneers in gaming, technology, and virtual reality.
Global reach, local impact
Join a diverse, distributed team from around the globe, united by a shared passion for innovation.
Remote-first culture
Work from our offices or anywhere in the world with a  focus on results.
Continuous learning
Grow your skills with world-class training programs and mentorship from industry experts.

More than just a job, it's a mission

Shape the future of entertainment
Your work will directly impact how millions experience virtual worlds.
Push the Boundaries
We believe in challenging the status quo. Dare to dream big and bring your most innovative ideas to the table.
Make a real difference
Be part of a company committed to building a more inclusive and engaging future for gamers.
Leave your mark
Create a legacy that endures in the annals of digital realities.

Ready to join the revolution?

Explore our careers page and discover the role that awaits you at MetaGravity. We're not just looking for employees – we're seeking pioneers, visionaries, and builders who dream as big as we do.

Our culture

Shaping a new future

At MetaGravity we view the world through a unique lens. We often say that we are building a spaceship while navigating uncharted territories, or becoming a fully functional mind in a youthful body. Every day, we relentlessly push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation, driven by our intellectual curiosity and rigorous mindset. Learning from mistakes is part of our journey, and we thrive on the courage of our team, welcoming authenticity at every turn.

Our company isn't just about adapting to the set goals; it's about the people who shape it. We've cultivated a space for the brave souls ready to tackle challenges head-on. It's not always a smooth ride, but together, we forge ahead, shaping a new future.

Fast growing scale up

Hybrid Remote Team

Czech Republic
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom
Our people

The making of MetaGravity

Patrick... Saving Dungeons & producing a soundtrack in 3 days! Doing our character class and colour setup over a sleepless day! Patrick's always to the rescue.

Alex just joined, but he's already fixed a big issue and almost built a new gen animated optimisation system for us based on plugin.

Marek's pushing the actual creativity of the game while expertly showing there's many solutions to every problems & rigorously iterating on finding the actual best one. Took on the half-dev GD role perfectly, is a standalone gameplay-building machine.

Jakub is the guardian of rigour on our side. Always pushing everyone around to be better and to search for the most optimal & strategically sound solution to every problem.

Nikita's always been helpful to many people ready to jump in and find the problem / lend a hand / solve something. Savvas is similar in that, very positive & ready to help.

Rafael took on making AI in Unreal Engine even tho he had no prior experience in there, and so far is doing an amazing job

“Having been a part of the company since its early days, my journey perfectly represents our company values. Upon joining MetaGravity as a game developer and artist, I brought my expertise, and through rigorous work and intelligent execution, played a pivotal role in the release of our inaugural retro game. Recognizing my authentic commitment and ethical decision-making, I have been offered the role of producer - a challenge that I courageously accepted” - Jacek
Our values

Who we are


having or involving a great deal of knowledge or skill in a particular area.
  • We do what it takes to get things done.
  • We hire experts in their field but also provide an opportunity for development.


having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level.
  • Connecting the dots
  • To be smart and creative, unique thinking
  • Actively seeking innovative solutions to challenges under pressure of time constraints and high quality


extremely thorough and careful.
  • Following a meticulous and thorough approach in all tasks
  • Delivering the highest quality to our clients
  • Participating in testing with the others on call
Our values

How we roll


of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.
  • We do never beat around the bush - we provide immediate feedback
  • We are  open to all
  • Objective judgment of ideas, inclusion the others in activities


not deterred by danger or pain; brave.
  • Taking calculated risks, even in the face of uncertainty.
  • Make the impossible to be possible
  • We do not give up and we also know when to give up


relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.
  • Equal treatment of anyone, non-biased approach to others, focus on the current problems not past,
  • 1:1 with the others, to better understand expectations and thoughts
Benefits & perks

Life at MetaGravity

Market competitive salary
Company Performance Bonus
through the Company Bonus Scheme
Employee share and tokens
subject to terms of All Employee Share Scheme
Pension and benefit plans
High quality offices
we are literally all around the world
Hybrid remote working
we believe you are responsible for your own output and performance
Global Shared Office hours
Core hours 12-13:30 GMT
Pet Friendly
Company offsites and workshops
Training and Development
being a dynamic startup where growth is not just a goal but a daily reality
Mentorship programme
Powered by people, fueled by collaboration – learn and thrive together
Social and Gaming nights
Ready to join the revolution?

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We're not just looking for employees – we're seeking pioneers, visionaries, and builders who dream as big as we do.