E2 Earth

Building a Pristine 1:1 Scale Interactive Digital Replication of Our Planet

E2 Earth

Executive Summary

MetaGravity aims to overcome the current obstacles in developing expansive game environments and support Earth 2's ambitious mission of constructing an authentic replication of our physical planet Earth within the metaverse.

This case study showcases how the MetaGravity Engine can easily merge into existing game templates, support the supermassive multiplayer features across all essential game elements, and Earth 2’s live deployment.

The Challenge

Earth 2’s mission is to digitally represent each real life location to a virtual world called the Geolocational Metaverse. They aim to build a pristine 1:1 scale interactive digital replication of our planet. And just like in the real world, they aspire to create a digital reality without any limitations on player access.

There are numerous available multiplayer solutions in the gaming market, but none of them can truly capture the vision of Earth 2. Having a larger number of players in the metaverse in real time, on a single instance, seems unattainable.

Fortunately, that is not the case for MetaGravity. Our company aims to scale games to sizes that no one could even dream of. Integrating our tools with Earth 2 is a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate the extent of our market-leading technology.

The Partnership

We initiated the Earth 2 project in December 2023. Our primary goal was to deliver an initial integration of the template by building a bespoke Network Replication Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate with the MetaGravity Engine.

This way, we were able to deliver a scale multiplayer video demo with a minimum of 5,000 avatar movement and physics interactions.

Let's jump into the specifics of how we executed this.

Solutions and Implementation

Target = 5,000 Concurrent Users (CCUs)

First, we embarked on a discovery phase where we collaborated to kickstart the project, comprehend the architecture and establish precise project deliverables.

After that, we accomplished the initial implementation of Earth 2's template by creating a tailored Network Replication API that effortlessly merges with the MetaGravity Engine.

All this to enable the complete launch of a Quark plugin that supports supermassive multiplayer features across all essential game elements, along with the live deployment.

Interoperability and Ease-of-Use

MetaGravity Engine is highly adaptable when it comes to cloud providers. It doesn't matter if our clients prefer Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud, we can seamlessly work with any of them. We are also capable of supporting on-premises software, making us truly cloud-agnostic.

“The revolution starts when new opportunities arise. And that’s what MetaGravity is doing - opening up endless possibilities for developers:
to create infinite and persistent game worlds.”

Game Engine Optimisation

MetaGravity can integrate with any game engine, whether it's a popular one or a custom-made engine. The best part is, that no advanced programming skills are needed to integrate new features within Earth 2, making it faster and more cost-effective than other current solutions in the market.

It is crucial to ensure that when handling supermassive multiplayer game simulations, particularly as vast as Earth 2, the game remains both scalable and sustainable in the long run. That’s why our technology focuses on the fundamentals, such as Network API and its integration with our platform. 


Despite being in the early stages of our partnership, we can already share some results:

Tested 5,000 CCUs

After successfully achieving the initial milestone for Earth 2, which involved developing a customised Network Replication API based on their template, we are proceeding with the launch of the Quark plugin.

This plugin enables seamless multiplayer functionality for crucial game components and facilitates the real-time deployment of a supermassive multiplayer game.

Reduced Development Costs

As Earth 2 grows larger, they require more cloud capacity, leading to higher energy consumption and climate impact. By creating a scalable distributed cloud infrastructure, we overcome current limitations in the game development industry.

The integration of the MetaGravity Engine significantly reduces Earth 2’s development costs and enables them to operate independently.

Faster Development Cycle

We firmly believe that in order to handle the growing complexity and scale of large environments, it is imperative to enhance compute capacity. We emphasise the importance of ensuring that this process remains as straightforward as possible.

Integration with the MetaGravity Engine makes it possible for Earth 2 to build their virtual world faster due to spending less time trying to scale the game environment with full physics interactions and collisions.


When the gaming industry unites under a shared vision and works towards a better tomorrow, the result is an impressive collaboration and impressive outcomes.

Earth 2 envisions itself as a second planet Earth, a futuristic concept frequently found in the metaverse, aiming to make the virtual world as authentic and genuine as the real world.

As the gaming industry progresses, we are delighted to further supercharge this endeavour and contribute to the success of its grand mission.

This case study is a precedent of collaborations that not only unlock the potential of the MetaGravity Engine but also foster the development of genuine and immersive game worlds on a supermassive scale.


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