Aethir and MetaGravity Build Decentralised Solutions for Hyperscale Gaming and the 3D Internet

Today, MetaGravity and Aethir, a pioneer in decentralised cloud infrastructure (DCI), have announced a collaborative partnership to accelerate the development and maturation of decentralised physical infrastructure (DePIN) for the gaming industry and the 3D internet.
Aethir and MetaGravity Build Decentralised Solutions for Hyperscale Gaming and the 3D Internet

London, UK and San Francisco, CA – 25th June 2024 10 AM ESTMetaGravity, leaders in multiplayer gaming technology, and Aethir, a pioneer in decentralised cloud infrastructure (DCI), have announced a collaborative partnership to accelerate the development and maturation of decentralised physical infrastructure (DePIN) for the gaming industry and the 3D internet.

This collaboration unlocks the potential for hyperscale online experiences built within persistent virtual worlds, empowering studios and enhancing the multiplayer online experience. MetaGravity's HyperScale Engine enables game developers with an arbitrarily large compute budget, enabling the creation of vast, scalable worlds with ease and affordability. Aethir’s Instaplay is a pixel streaming solution that allows instant play without downloads across all devices, removing barriers and fostering wider accessibility.

The combination of the two products allows game developers to scale their backend simulation infrastructure and front-end cross-device pixel streaming capabilities simultaneously. This makes game development easier, faster, and more accessible to a wider audience.

Pushing the Boundaries of Multiplayer Online Gaming Experiences

The gaming industry has historically faced limitations in simulation scale and running costs, which constrained the development of truly massive online experiences. MetaGravity's HyperScale Engine addresses this limitation head-on by delivering a staggering >100x increase in simulation scale while simultaneously achieving a >100x reduction in running costs. This enables game designers and metaverse developers to build hyperscale online experiences with increased player concurrency, complex physics simulations, high-density environments, and graphical fidelity.

Aethir's cutting-edge DCI platform perfectly complements MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine. By intelligently redistributing underutilised GPUs from decentralised nodes, Aethir creates a vast pool of scalable and cost-effective computational resources. This empowers developers to build the next generation of games, with even more cost efficiency and control, while providing the critical infrastructure for the future of decentralised applications.

A Shared Vision of Decentralised Compute

MetaGravity and Aethir have also entered into a longer term R&D roadmap partnership to accelerate the adoption of decentralised physical infrastructure (DePIN) for gaming. The combined capabilities of MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine–enabling unprecedented levels of simulation scale–and Aethir's decentralised server infrastructure, mark a significant leap forward in developing a robust DePIN. This partnership not only contributes groundbreaking advancements in gaming, but also lays the groundwork for shaping the future development of the third-generation internet. 

DePIN offers a paradigm shift for computing infrastructure in general. By leveraging a distributed network of resources powered by a token economy, DePIN eliminates the limitations and potential bottlenecks of traditional centralised infrastructure. This ensures greater resilience, scalability, and cost-efficiency across various industries.

Rashid Mansoor, CEO & Founder of MetaGravity says: "This partnership with Aethir represents a significant leap forward in realising the potential of DePIN for the gaming industry and our vision for the decentralised 3D Internet. By leveraging their expertise in DePIN applied to cloud infrastructure, we can ensure that the immense processing power of MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine is readily available to game studios and metaverse builders, empowering them to create truly groundbreaking and immersive experiences while embracing a trustless, permissionless future."

Daniel Wang, CEO & Co-Founder of Aethir, adds, "We are thrilled to join forces with MetaGravity at the forefront of the DePIN technological revolution. Aethir's DCI platform aligns perfectly with MetaGravity's vision for the future of multiplayer online games - including simulation scale, real-time persistence and task environments for AI training. Together, we can unlock the true potential of DePIN, not just for gaming, but for a wider range of applications within the decentralised web.

Calling All Pioneering HyperScale Gamers!

The full Aethir community is now invited to join the MetaGravity HyperScale Alphas playtest group. Here, gamers and the public can be the first to experience the future of hyperscale online multiplayer gaming - and see both technologies come together in real time.
Visit the website to join the movement today!

About MetaGravity
MetaGravity is a visionary deep-tech company building the foundational infrastructure for the 3D internet. MetaGravity empowers creators with the tools to push the boundaries of what's possible, fostering a permissionless future for the internet. Their flagship product, the HyperScale Engine, is a revolutionary network engine that allows game developers to construct supermassive multiplayer experiences with ease, minimising costs and time. This innovative technology unlocks the potential for groundbreaking digital experiences, paving the way for never-before-seen worlds.

About Aethir
Aethir is the leading DePIN, Enterprise-grade, AI-focused GPU-as-a-Service provider in the market. Leveraging a highly distributed cloud computing infrastructure allows GPU providers to serve AI and gaming customers at scale. 

Aethir aims to serve enterprise AI clients who need the world’s most powerful AI chips at scale and also to support hundreds of thousands of cloud gaming players with best-in-class experiences around the world. All of this is accomplished with a decentralised architecture, bringing the GPU cloud to the community and making computing accessible for all.


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