Serving as the Go-To Virtual World for Web3 Communities


Executive Summary

MetaGravity is collaborating with Pavia Corp. to address scaling challenges in building a market-leading metaverse platform for web3 communities. With this metaverse, Pavia wants to offer never before seen features while overcoming scale-related constraints. 

The partnership involves integrating MetaGravity’s Network Engine with the ultimate target being 10,000 concurrent users (CCUs). A few months into the relationship, Metagravity has already had success scaling CCUs, integrating an personalised avatar solution, deployed the solutions into a native game environment and reduced the server cost base. 

The Challenge

The Pavia vision is to build a market-leading metaverse platform, serving as the go-to virtual world for web3 communities and projects. They strive to bring social cohesion, enabling people to interact with shared experiences in a more immersive and collaborative environment, free from scale-related constraints. 

The central purpose of the platform is to create a single shared digital reality for communities, empowering them to shape the world they want through Pavia’s world-building tool. And what does it mean to build a virtual world of endless possibilities? Diverse features, like:

  • Building on the virtual land
  • Creating communities
  • Shaping commercial and personal brands
  • Earning and gaining real rewards
  • Allowing users to craft things that were previously impossible due to tech limits.

However, the task is even more challenging than it may seem. Scaling the world for hundreds of thousands of players brings forth various issues, from high costs to complex development. This is where MetaGravity steps in to support Pavia’s dream.

The Partnership

With MetaGravity, the Pavia metaverse experience will not be constrained by simulation scale. Pavia will be able to deploy a commercial release of a market-leading proposition, which will then serve as a platform for future enhancement and development, leveraging MetaGravity’s advantages of: 

  1. Ultimate scale
  2. Reduced development costs
  3. Rapid development & reduced risk
  4. Ready Player Me integration

Solutions and Implementation

Target = 10k Concurrent Users (CCUs)

The MetaGravity team and Pavia Corp. engaged in a series of discussions about vision, scope, and timelines. They prepared to work alongside the lead developer at Pavia to create a stable environment and integrate it with the MetaGravity infrastructure. 

The integration of MetaGravity’s Network Engine into the existing Pavia Dev Playground was a pivotal topic.

Both teams aimed for preparing two showreel demos, each featuring between 5k and 10k networked bots. The subsequent stage included 200+ live players in the second event.

Ready Player Me Integration

Ready Player Me offers an external solution that provides developers with an easy-to-integrate Avatar Creator and developer tools, allowing users to have highly-personalized avatars. 

MetaGravity took on a task of integrating Ready Player Me into Pavia to explore its functionality at a large scale and leverage the latest LOD tech.

Thanks to this integration provided by MetaGravity, Pavia is be able to provide the best and most comprehensive experience to all gamers.

Native Environment Deployment

To showcase the result of the partnership and deliver it in the best possible way, MetaGravity decided to test everything in a land plot designed by Pavia and their UGC based world builder. Testing in the native environment is crucial as it allows for a real-world simulation, providing accurate insights into how the platform performs under authentic conditions. 

This approach ensures that any potential issues are identified and addressed early on, optimising the user experience and overall performance of new solutions.

Cost Optimisation and Reduced Risks

MetaGravity conducted ongoing measurement and analysis of cloud computing costs efficiencies and platform performance in relation to concurrent players. Before, there were no direct indication of the exact costs, so these actions resulted in optimising the game for cost efficiency and established a clear cost per concurrent player.


Whilst the partnership is still ongoing, MetaGravity has already proved to be an invaluable partner to Pavia delivering the following results:

5k CCUs

After 3 months of collaboration, Pavia and MetaGravity successfully conducted the first test with 5000 networked concurrent players in a single world. This first milestone proved it can be done in a short period of time, without causing any major latency issues or crashes. 

Ready Player Me Integration

The integration of Ready Player Me into the Pavia platform has significantly enhanced the user experience by providing highly-personalized avatars. This integration has not only improved user engagement but has also showcased MetaGravity's capability to seamlessly integrate third-party solutions at scale.

Native Environment

To test the result of the partnership and deliver it in the best possible way, MetaGravity tested everything in a native environment.

Optimisation and reduced risks

This environment not only demonstrated the seamless integration of MetaGravity's Network Engine but also provided valuable insights into optimising game performance and cost efficiency.


While the partnership of MetaGravity and Pavia Corp. is still ongoing, you can already see how Metagravity has delivered immediate wins for Pavia and has become an indispensable partner very quickly into the partnerships.

This case study serves as a blueprint for a successful Co-Development and Optimisation partnership  between game studios and MetaGravity, highlighting the potential for innovation through collaboration.

We are eagerly looking forward to finding new prospects and more creative projects to collaborate with. If you are interested in building your own metaversal digital world - please contact us here.


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